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Service as a Service

There's a new SaaS in town

Are you trying to decide between Firebase and Amplify for your BaaS?

Confused about whether to go with the Google Suite or MS Office when it comes to SaaS?

How in the world do you pick the right IaaS?

Let MetaSaaS pick for you.


You still talk about hustling like it's healthy.

  • 5 software implementations
  • 24/7 Customer Service from our MetaSaaSins
  • Access to our customer dashboards



You like to say you're still like a startup.

  • All the stuff in 'Startup' BUT ALSO
  • 10 additional software implementations
  • 24/8 Customer Service from our MetaSaaSins (don't ask us how)



gib me da money

  • All the stuff in 'Scale-Up' BUT ALSO
  • Just like...so many things. You have to call us for us to tell you.
  • We will literally rewrite the calendar and create days for 24/x customer service.

Contact us for pricing

Our Values

Kill All Enemies


Literally, we have enemies and we have to annihilate them.

Pain is Weakness


Success hurts. If you're not hurting, you're the opposite of success.



SO important...like so much.

Assassinate Inefficiencies as a MetaSaaSin

Made in 🍁 by Omar Khan.